Becoming Nucleus

Nucleus in a nutshell.

It's not just about getting assets into Nucleus, but how we integrate Nucleus across all customer-facing channels

What if we can't find a suitable asset?

Can't find an asset or think you need to make one? Follow our helpful flow chart.

Nucleus funnel

What happens with experiments?

Experiments are run by the whole Nucleus community, not just the Nucleus team. All experiments should be aligned to Nucleus by using our principles and styles.

Hypotheses for experiments come from a variety sources:

  • Some will start as open-ended questions

  • Some arise in testing, seeing how current assets perform

  • Some come from talking to users

  • Some from internal stakeholders who work closely with customers

Once a hypothesis has been validated it should be placed in to the next available Nucleus release.

When running experiments:

  • Share ideas and explorations

  • Discuss pros and cons

  • Gather evidence on your hypotheses

  • Ask for a early input / review session

  • Use our workshop templates to run an ideation / review session within the team

  • Check GitHub for existing, open RFCs on upcoming assets (used for discovery)

  • Share your learnings

What kind of reviews should we have?

Nucleus is a living system, we're constantly looking for improvements to how it's implemented and methods to scale across all teams.

When considering having a review think about:

  • How might we best apply our principles?

  • Are we in line with our guidelines?

  • What kind of assets do we have and what might we need?

We're also helping to make our internal processes more efficient:

  • How can we improve tools and processes?

  • How can we improve our documentation?

Who builds the assets?

The usual ways to proceed are:

  • Assets are built by the Nucleus core team

  • The Nucleus core team facilitates asset building to ensure it's aligned to our guidelines


  • Our core team is responsible for curating the system and what it contains

  • Our community is responsible for integrating Nucleus into customer-facing channels

  • We work together to share learnings, surface issues and opportunities

  • We work together to make sure the system is up to date and contains our best knowledge

  • We work together to make sure updates are smooth and issue free