Best practices

Community best practices.

Our community guidelines were born in a participatory workshop.

Sharing ownership

Even though we have a core team building the design system, Nucleus is something all of us own. That also means a change in one part is going to influence others as well. Luckily, working with similar assets means it's easier for us to compare learnings across their various instances of use.

  • Keep working collaboratively with other teams and disciplines.

  • Look for recurring evidence across multiple instances.

Reducing waste and cost

Working with primitive design and development decisions is educational and rewarding. But spending most time crafting new assets, or the same assets over and over again, resulting in design and tech maintenance debt creeping in, reduces the time we spend creating new proposals and optimising existing ones for our customers and business.

  • Build custom, once-off components as a last resort.

  • Look for assets that can be shared and re-used.

Growing and evolving

We want to enshrine some best practices and keep in pace with our customers. One requires ensuring each stable, official Nucleus release is adopted widely. The other entails creating a space of exploration for ideas and experiments bubbling within teams.

  • Use our shared principles as inspiration and to ensure even the wildest, most ambitious contributions tie back to the same, unifying vision.

  • Share learnings from discovery and testing, whether they confirm or go against our existing beliefs.