The British Gas branding, guidance and visual identity.

The Brand site shares the British Gas brand story, with supporting guidance and assets.

In order to realise this brand vision.

  • Taking in brand and accessibility guidelines.

  • Working with product teams to identify proven assets and related insights.

  • Looking for the shared, unifying concepts behind these.

  • Creating and curating high-quality user interface components and styles for product teams to use.

  • Establishing processes and tools that enable us to roll out updates to these assets easily.

  • Introducing ways for others to contribute to Nucleus, as well as flag any potential issues.

  • Following up on our adoption and impact.

  • Ensuring our communication is clear and usable for the product teams.

  • Building a community to sustain these processes.

We aim to make it easier for individuals and teams to learn about what it takes to create British Gas digital experiences.

  • Truly represent our brand identity across our digital, customer-facing solutions.

  • Reduce repetitive work, especially when it comes to design and front end development.

  • Reduce design and maintenance debt that tends to slow down updates.

  • Enable teams to focus on high value, creative work to solve problems and identify opportunities.