Need something new

Need something new from the Design System?

Re-use and recycle

We believe there is much more value and efficiency in using existing assets before attempting to build custom, one off components and experience patterns. By collaborating with other teams we want to grow the body of reusable assets, tools, methods and knowledge.

That said; Nucleus is a living system. We're constantly looking for improvements on how it's implemented and methods to scale across all teams. If you have an idea you think is worth exploring then the best thing to do is to come and talk to the team - we can help you explore your options, or help with your research and testing using the design system.

Insights on existing Nucleus assets

For any feedback related to our Nucleus components and related documentation, we're using Github. This helps us provide a transparent trail of all contributions and potential issues, as well as tie these into our own backlog.

  1. You can view our requests status.

  2. You can create bug reports, add a new change request (RFC), as well as react or comment on existing feedback.

  3. We've prepared a template to structure incoming feedback, gather relevant insights, and help us respond accordingly.

  4. If and once an issue is picked up, we'll ask to meet you to swap ideas and listen to your insights or make use of weekly design critique sessions.

Suggestions for new Nucleus assets

We're working hard to grow Nucleus without sacrificing quality.

  1. You can track and add suggestions for new assets in Github by checking our requests status.

  2. Feel free to explore the styles and assets provided to suggest new components.

  3. Please make sure to submit your experiments and learning. It helps us to track potential variations and roll out stable additions to all teams via Nucleus.

Feedback on anything related to Nucleus

Reach us on Slack, via #product-nucleus. If there's anything on your mind, please reach out!