Page type | Start


This page type should be used to clarify and set up a task for a user at the beginning of a journey.

NOTE: This page type is currently in beta and needs additional research and testing.


This page sets expectations and provides any contextual information that a user may need to complete their journey successfully.

For more information on how to bookend your journeys see the Confirmation page type.

Content guidance

The outline below provides an overview of the content that is likely to be required at this stage in the user's journey. This is not prescriptive guidance and the unique needs of each journey should always also be considered. A dedicated start page may not be needed if users are coming from a hub page where their task is already clearly clarified. This page may also vary in shorter journeys, particularly where form elements may need to be present at the first step.

This page should include

Example: Start (A - E)




A concise navigational subtitle or topic reference to orient your user.


A hillside landmark that clarifies the task at hand for the user. This should have a warm and welcoming tone


A short bulleted list to outline any information that the user needs to know to complete the journey.


A prominent direct call to action.

This page may also include

Example: Optional signposting to a secondary journey (F)




Links to relevant help and support content


Signposting to a secondary journey or action for frequently misdirected users

This supplementary content may be displayed further down the page as needed, with hierarchical importance reducing with scroll depth. Decorative background elements should be adapted to create balance with the surrounding page elements.


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